Alaskan Thunderfuck


Alaskan Thunderfuck is good for those with a low tolerance to THC.
The positive effects include; anxiety, depression, pain, loss of appetite, energy, euphoria, creativity, relax, focus.

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Alaskan Thunderfuck   is a rare northern beauty Cannabis. It is popular for its unique blend and resulting high. This strain will hit you like a freight train, and boasts of uniquely intense CBD levels, often reaching a staggering 0.8%. It creates a famous, instantaneous buzz, that can make colours seem brighter, and everything else seem happier and easier.

There are few strains out there, whose heritage is shrouded in so much mystery. Alaskan Thunderfuck was reportedly created by mixing a North American sativa with a Russian ruderalis.

Somewhere along the way in the 1970s, there was Afghani genetics thrown into the mix and voila – the luscious cold-climate Sativa Alaskan Thunderfuck was then born. It is sometimes known as Matanuska Tundra or ATF, named after its native Matanuska Valley.buy legal cannabis UK

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