Astro Quads – Various Edibles UK


Astro Quads – Various Edibles UK

Astro Quads – Various Edibles UK once kicked into your system, are bound to blast you into interstellar space. This brand uniquely offer customers their medicated gummies, which get produced using natural fruit flavours.

Flavors: Fuzzy Peaches, Grape Slices, Sour Coca Cola, Sour Keys, Sour Neon Worms, Watermelon Slices

Each package comprises ten pieces of candy, making it outstanding for personal consumption and even better when shared with buddies. Order Astro Quads Edibles from us online and maintain social distancing while enjoying doorstep delivery.

Each candy contains 30mg THC, and with ten candies in the package, you get a dosage of 300mg THC per package. Buy these edibles online and enjoy the flavour as it melts in your mouth.


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