Bubba Skywalker


History & Flavor

Bubba Skywalker is the perfect balance Hybrid marijuana strain with an Earthy, very Smooth taste and flowery aroma.

This strain makes an excellent decision to chill out and relax. We would recommend this strain to anyone needing to loosen up.


Bubba Skywalker will help you sleep because of primarily Indica-dominant. This sleep-inducing strain can help you fight insomnia, ease pain and relax muscles – making them the perfect nightcap for anyone struggling to get a good night.

Marijuana has a reputation for making any situation better, so it’s no surprise that people are curious to know if the same rule applies to sex. As it turns out, weed can enhance your sex life! Some consumers say the relaxing effects of Bubba Skywalker increase sensitivity to pleasure and decrease pain, allowing for a much deeper level of intimacy. Use this strain to discover the that may enhance your sex life.

Also, Bubba Skywalker is a talkative strain, be careful may make you feel this way)


1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz


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