Buy AK-47 Hash


Buy AK-47 Hash

This cannabis concentrate is a premium import hash directly from the exotic lands of Afghanistan. The whole process is done by hand with no extra additives or solvents, asides from water or tea. This process results in an extremely aromatic and pliable, almost elastic-like hash. Buy AK-47 Hash
This hash will leave you feeling mellow with a soothing body feel. This sativa-dominant hybrid concentrate delivers a steady and long-lasting cerebral buzz. Keeping you mentally alert and engaged in a creative or social activities. In addition, this marijuana concentrate is not produce from the famous AK-47 strain but it does have an uplifting sativa like high.
The high fades into a body stone that we didn’t find to be ouch locking. It is best for daytime use and helps in other cases of severe nausea and blocks epileptic seizures


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