CBD Sleepy ZS Gummies UK


CBD Sleepy ZS Gummies UK

Great sleep can have a wonderful impact on your whole day, and now you can rest easy with Sleepy Zs. Experience the combined power of melatonin and CBD with these delicious blackberry-flavored Sleepy Zs gummies. CBD Sleepy ZS Gummies UK

Melatonin is part of your natural sleep cycle and CBD helps support your body’s natural stress response. Together they can help you snooze more soundly! Buy Green Roads CBD Sleepy ZS Gummies

Function: Relax, Sleep

Flavors: Assorted, blackberry

Now with 5mg Melatonin per gummy
With 25mg of CBD per gummy
Mild, calming blackberry flavor
A perfect addition to your night time routine.
Enjoy the true feeling of renewal only a good night’s rest can bring with their new Sleepy Zs gummies. Each gummy offers 5mg of melatonin, which is a part of your natural sleep cycle along with 25mg of CBD. CBD supports you through ordinary stress, which is crucial when you are trying to put your mind and body at ease so you can drift off to sleep


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