CBD Sparkling Grapefruit Water UK


CBD Sparkling Grapefruit Water UK

The grapefruit plant is the original hybrid the semi-sweet lovechild of the orange and the pomelo. Every sip of this hemp CBD-infused sparkling water delivers bright citrus flavor for a truly refreshing timeout. CBD Sparkling Grapefruit Water UK

Grapefruit was one of our favorite flavors. The light, crisp, refreshing grapefruit flavor works well with the pure effervescence of the water. The mouthfeel is slightly dry with a tart finish. Grapefruit Sweet Reason is a bright, citrus CBD treat.

Dose: 10mg CBD per 12oz bottle. Not intended for use by children or pregnant or nursing women.

Carbonated water,
Natural flavors,
10mg cannabidiol (CBD) from organic hemp.
Nutrition Facts:
5 Calories per bottle (12 fl oz/355 mL).
Total Fat 0g,
Sodium 0mg,
Total Carb. 0g,
Total Sugars 0g,
Protein 0g.


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