Cherry Jelly Bomb Gummy


Cherry Jelly Bomb Gummy

Twisted Extracts Cherry Jelly Bomb Gummy will take you to your happy place, where ever that might be! These Jelly Bombs are produce to help you feel rejuvenated again. Get ready for the same, reliable buzz and a burst of delicious fruity flavours.

Medical Benefits: Depression, Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite & Inflammation
Effects: Euphoric, Calm, Relaxed, Focused & Creative
Dosage: Product can easily be divided into 8 x 10mg servings. Begin with 1 serving and allow 1/2 hour for full effects to kick in.
Wherever your happy place is, these Sativa Jelly Bombs will take you there. The ideally help for sparking creative, unwinding after a long day, or for just chilling. Making you feel like a kid again (regardless of how long it’s been). Excellent daytime medicine.


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