Chocolate Mint OG Shake



Chocolate Mint Shake got a huge indica effect from its grandparents: Emerald and Grandaddy Purple. The shake from Chocolate Mint buds can be relatively more potent than the Chocolate mint strain itself. Chocolate mint is 26 percent full of THC, and it has 80 percent Indica, so when you are getting a shake, you can be sure that it is a big chance to get stoned.


The smell produced by these shakes also got the same mint`n`spicy mix with a bit of fresh wood.


Chocolate Mint Shake completely repeats all the effects of its buds. Ordinary users admire this strain’s relaxed and sleepy effects; it’s also mentioned that the effects can be relatively more powerful. If you need to think about something, this strain got you to fall into deep, wise thoughts. The Chocolate Mint Shake is also famous for everyday medical needs such as diseases such as depression, insomnia, and migraine. There are numerous good comments on the topic of calming pain, most smokers saying that their pain after smoking was not returning for hours.


1oz, 1/2 oz


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