Dosist Dose Dial Tablets Edibles


Dosist Dose Dial Tablets Edibles

The dosist tablet is a precisely dosed dissolvable tablet delivering a controlled and targeted experience. In addition, the dosist tablet is a 3.7mg micro-dose optimized to provide targeted benefits without overwhelming effects. The dose-controlled, child-resistant device delivering a single 3.7mg dissolvable tablet with the turn of a dial. Buy Dosist Dose Dial Tablets Edibles

Using the dose dial.
Slide open the door located at the top of the dial.
Position the dose dial pointing down at a 45-90 degree angle.
Push the button with your thumb and turn the wheel counter-clockwise with your index finger until tablet dispenses.
Tips for the right dose.
If possible, take on an empty stomach.
Allow one tablet to dissolve in mouth completely. Under the tongue is prescribe.
As with all ingestibles, onset time and duration will vary. We suggest waiting 2 hours to gauge the effect before ingesting another dose.
How to use: Rotate the wheel on their trademarked dose dial and you’ll receive a 3.7 milligram THC tablet that dissolves under the tongue for immediate absorption. The tablets are available in THC Bliss or CBD Calm and are perfect for discreet reduce strength cannabis management.


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