Mango Star



Mango Star might be just the fresh burst of energy you need to get going. Сross of Mango and Star Killer, this balanced 50/50 hybrid serves up an instant mental boost, much like a morning cup of coffee. While it can have mild pain relief effects, this strain is more for those looking for a cerebral rush.


Buds can get huge, with various yellow, purple, and green shades throughout. It has a nice and sweet mango scent accented with earthy herbal notes and tastes incredible. Imagine lemon cream, sour mango, and earth blending into one fantastic flavor!


This strain acts as a sneaky one, with a slight high that makes you feel calm and joyous. As you continue through your journey, you’ll end up with a growing sense of energy and a happy attitude that allows you to be creative. Many users notice a body high associated with Mango and primarily note feelings of warm tingles. Although many strains can tend to make you a bit hungry, Mango Star will likely make you greedy, so stock up on the snacks beforehand!

The positive vibes from Mango Star make it such a practical choice for individuals who struggle with stress and depression. Pain management isn’t beyond its reach either, as it can have a numbing effect on the body at times. Mango Star can also have a somewhat sedating effect when smoked in larger doses, making it a good choice for insomniacs.


1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz


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