UK Nutrivian Curcuma Longa (60 pieces)


Buy Nutrition Curcuma Longa uk

Flavour: Tasteless
Brand: Nutrivian
Amount: 60 pieces

Buy UK Nutrivian Curcuma Longa (60 pieces)

Buy Nutrivian Curcuma Longa (60 pieces) Online. BCM-95® exclusively contains curcuminoids and essential oils from the Curcuma longa plant and is free from other additions.


The turmeric found in shops, however, only contains 2% of the active ingredient that makes turmeric such a healthy supplement – the curcuminoids. BCM-95®’s composition, on the other hand, is 95% composed of curcuminoids! Moreover, the absorption rate of BCM-95® is far superior to regular turmeric and all other commonly available turmeric supplements because of its inclusion of essential oils.

The body has difficulty absorbing curcuminoids. To promote this process, different methods have been developed. One of the most commonly-used strategies is adding piperine (black pepper extract) to supplements. This compound, however, prevents the liver from breaking down curcuminoids and halts the liver’s natural detoxification process. As such, there is no piperine in the Nutrivian supplements.

Curcuma Longa 500 mg BCM-95® with essential oils

BCM-95® is a much better alternative to products containing piperine. Some other excellent features of these essential oils are that they prolong the time curcuminoids are active in the body and contain valuable substances such ar-turmerone, α-turmerone, β-turmerone, Ar-curcumene, α-curcumene, Zingiberene, β-sesuiphellandrine, β-atlantone and Germacrone.


The synergy between the curcuminoids and essential oils makes Nutrivian Curcuma Longa 500 mg BCM-95® the most effective turmeric supplement currently on the market by far.


We recommend taking 1 to 2 capsules a day, preferably during or after a meal.


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